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Executive Producer and Programmer: Carrie Heeter
Project Director, Personal Stories: Darcy Drew Greene
Content Experts: Barbara Sparks, Janet Osuch,
Special Support: G. Marie Swanson, Ph.D
CD-ROM Team: Matt MacQueen, Pericles Gomes, Susanna Telschow, Jeff DeVries, and many more

1999 Web Site Revision
PI and Design: Darcy Drew Greene
Design and Programming: Brian Winn

Breast Cancer Lighthouse empowers women who are newly diagnosed with breast cancer by providing them with a variety of resources to help them understand their cancer and seek effective treatment. This website highlights the personal stories of women who have survived breast cancer and provides medical information on the diagnosis, treatment, and recovery from breast cancer.

The Breast Cancer Lighthouse web site and CD-ROM were partially funded by grants from the American Cancer Society, Michigan State University Cancer Center, and the MSU Office of Computing and Technology.


-- MedIndex Seal of Approval, 1999
-- Macromedia People's Choice Awards Finalist, 1995
-- exhibitted at SIGGRAPH, 1995.

Begin your experience at the lighthouse


Walk the beach to hear women's personal stories


Explore the island to find health care information

The Breast Cancer Lighthouse is designed for women who have been newly diagnosed with breast cancer.

This calming, feminine interface contains personal stories of 14 survivors of breast cancer as well as medical facts from health care professionals about diagnosis, treatment and recovery.

The lighthouse interface includes a "walk along the beach" to meet women who have been diagnosed and treated for breast cancer and hear their stories. A total of 7 hours of audio is included.

Health care information is divided into two different garden paths, one for breast cancer that is contained within the breast duct, and a separate path for cancer that has spread beyond the duct.

The CD-ROM is designed for use in at home, in a health care professionals office, and health clinics. It can be used by women with breast cancer and by their friends and families to gain an understanding of the emotional dimensions of living with breast cancer.

The Breast Cancer Lighthouse CD-ROM runs on Macintosh, Windows 3.1, and Windows 95/NT and requires 16 MB of RAM.

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