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Microbial Ecology Resources

The Microbial Ecology Resources section of the Digital Learning Center for Microbial Ecology presents various materials (books, videos, software, etc.) that may be of interest to students and teachers of microbiology and microbial ecology.

In order to help you find items of interest to you, we have listed the resources in three ways: by author, by title, and by media type.

We will be continuously updating this list as new resources are created or as ones not currently on our list come to our attention. Some entries are more complete than others; we will generally include any resource for which we have enough information (such as the telephone number of the publisher) that you can find out more yourself.

Please note: unless otherwise specified, descriptions of resources are those supplied by the creators, owners, or distributors of the items. They might, in some cases, have a more positive view of the value or quality of the item than would a neutral reviewer!

When appropriate, any resource can be reached via all applicable listings. For example, "Illustrated Glossary of Protoctista" can be found by this name in the "List by Title" section. You can also look it up under "Margulis, Lynn" in the "List by Authors" section, or you can locate it in the "Book" subsection of the "List by Media Type" section.

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